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Bass preamp for Marcin Tusinski aka Rewarrp 

Completed development and manufacture of tube beta hybrid Mk-II Ultra Bass preamp for Marcin Tusinski. His idea was to add into tube beta hybrid Mk II a low pass filter +20dB cut freq 150 Hz and booster +15 dB at frequency 250...350 Hz in tube channel before section of saturation.

At this LPF has a small rise (+5 dB) in frequency range 19...60Hz. Marcin believes that this preamp can help many bass or baritone tenor guitar players who searches ways to reach sound deeper and fatter for stone, doom, drone rock and metal.  

© CORRECT SOUND Custom 2011-2017

  • Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

© CORRECT SOUND Custom 2011-2017

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We produce preamps and effect pedals for guitarists including bass guitarists. We design pedals on request of our friends - musicians helping them to realize their ideas expanding range forsearch of a new sound of instruments.



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