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The Black Sunn 

Tube preamp with stone warmer in a compact body.

Having combined our MT tube preamp with a stone warmer we get The Black Sunn preamp. Our new pedal has two channels. One of them is a stone channel which is built on the base of RAT Distortion pedal.

The other one is a tube channel built on the base of preamp section of Sunn Model T 1973 (we use 2 tubes JJ ECC83-S).

The channels can function separately as well as together. When both channels are switched on, the channels are commutated successively. The first goes RAT channel and warms channel Model T that coming afterwards . If both channels are off the signal passes directly from input to output (True bypass).

Enclosure dimensions: 146x120x38mm (5.70 x 4.70 x 1.50 inch).

This preamp functions from stabilize power supply 12V DC 1200 mA, 5.5mm X 2.1mm, Negativ in center (not included into the set).

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