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Beta preamp works now with 9 V DC. 

Good news!

We have delivered modification of power supply for our beta preamp. Now for its functioning you need stabilized power supply 9 V DC 500mA or higher.

We also managed to do polarity of supply like most effect pedals - Minus in Center.Never the less supply for the scheme is the same as in the previouse variant, with bipolar supply +/-15V.

We've built inside a voltage converter for this.Now there is no need to to purchase a special power supply 18 AC. 

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  • Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

© CORRECT SOUND Custom 2011-2017

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We produce preamps and effect pedals for guitarists including bass guitarists. We design pedals on request of our friends - musicians helping them to realize their ideas expanding range forsearch of a new sound of instruments.



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