beta UB (ultra bass)

 Beta UB - it is beta bass and Low Pass Filter 150Hz.

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Beta preamp works now with 9 V DC.

Good news!

We have delivered modification of power supply for our beta preamp. Now for its functioning you need stabilized power supply 9 V DC 500mA or higher.

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Bass preamp for Marcin Tusinski aka Rewarrp 

Completed development and manufacture of tube beta hybrid Mk-II Ultra Bass preamp for Marcin Tusinski. His idea was to add into tube beta hybrid Mk II a low pass filter +20dB cut freq 150 Hz and booster +15 dB at frequency 250...350 Hz in tube channel before section of saturation.

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The Black Sunn 

Tube preamp with stone warmer in a compact body.

Having combined our MT tube preamp with a stone warmer we get The Black Sunn preamp. Our new pedal has two channels. One of them is a stone channel which is built on the base of RAT Distortion pedal.

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In the depths of our technical laboratory is cooking a new version of two channels preamp TUBE BETA HYBRID Mk-II.

This preamp will have the same channels (tube sunn model-T и beta (lead or bass). But in difference with the first version of the pedal, the channels will be switched not successively but in parallel as our preamp beta bass.

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Producer and musician Stephen O Malley famouse for his work with groups Sunn O))), Ginnungagap, KTL, and Æthenor has orders us design and production of foot guitar preamp.

It will be a hybrid pedal in a compact box size 187mm x 120mm x 38mm with two channels: tube and "stone". The base of the tube channel is scheme of the preamp Sunn Model-T (1973) on two 12ax7EH tubes.

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