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eclipse Mk-II - Bass preamp
Parametric EQ - 3 bands Parametric Equalizer
MAD HATTER - Fuzz & Distortion double effects pedal
BETA Bass - double-channel bass preamp
MT tube preamp
tube beta hybrid MK-II - double-channel hybrid preamp
Harmonic generator


What's news?

The Black Sunn preamp

Tube preamp with stone warmer in a compact body. Having combined our MT tube preamp with a stone warmer we get The Black Sunn preamp. Our new pedal has two channels. One of them is a stone channel which is built on the base of RAT Distortion pedal. The other one is a tube channel built on the base of preamp section of Sunn Model T 1973 (we use 2 tubes JJ ECC83-S). The channels can function separately as well as together. When both channels are switched on, the channels are commutated successively. The first goes RAT channel and warms channel Model T that coming afterwards . If both channels are off the signal passes directly from input to output (True bypass).

Bass preamp for Marcin Tusinski Aka Rewarrp

Completed development and manufacture of tube beta hybrid Mk-II Ultra Bass preamp for Marcin Tusinski. His idea was to add into tube beta hybrid Mk II a low pass filter +20dB cut freq 150 Hz and booster +15 dB at frequency 250...350 Hz in tube channel before section of saturation. At this LPF has a small rise (+5 dB) in frequency range 19...60Hz. Marcin believes that this preamp can help many bass or baritone tenor guitar players who searches ways to reach sound deeper and fatter for stone, doom, drone rock and metal.

Bass preamp eclipse Mk-II

ECLIPSE is based on preamplifier SUNN Concert Lead. I put some changes into frequency correction of the output cascade. "Bright" is ON constantly.

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We have been planning the designing of Bass Cabinet simulator with XLR DI Out. So it's high time to do it :) We make the analogue Speaker Sim with digital control. Box with 2 buttons Baypass & mode. There are 6 or 9 variants CAB: 4x10, 8x10, 1x15, 2x15, 4x15, 1x18...

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In the depths of our technical laboratory is cooking a new version of two channels preamp TUBE BETA HYBRID Mk-II.

This preamp will have the same channels (tube sunn model-T и beta (lead or bass). But in difference with the first version of the pedal, the channels will be switched not successively but in parallel as our preamp beta bass. The new preamp will have the only one output but there will be additionally a balance XLR DI out. DI out will have a toogle PRE/POST MASTER except toggle GND Lift. Except this we plan to build in the True bypass. The same as with the first version of tube beta hybrid we intend to produce two variants of Beta channel - BASS or LEAD according to the customer's choice.

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tube beta hybrid preamp is ready

Completed development and manufacture of tube beta hybrid pedal for Stephen O'Malley. It a hybrid pedal in a compact box size 187mm x 120mm x 38mm with two channels: tube and "stone". The base of the tube channel is scheme of the preamp Sunn Model-T (1973) on two 12ax7EH tubes. The "stone" section will have preamp from Sunn beta bass amplifier.

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Beta bass was used FY.E for recording new split

A group of Russian FOR YOU.EARTH, and two French groups SELENITES and LE DEAD PROJET started to record split. When recording bass for its track FY.E used beta bass preamp and garmonic generator.

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Stephen O'Malley order us preamp building

Producer and musician Stephen O Malley famouse for his work with groups Sunn O))). Ginnungagap, KTL, and Æthenor has ordered us design and production of foot guitar preamp.

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